So you decided to sign up for your first noncontact Boxing class and you quickly realize you are unsure of what you need to bring or what you need to know. Have no fear! These are the first steps on what we hope is a long and rewarding relationship with Boxing:


1. Have the right equipment:

You will want to start with comfortable non-restrictive athletic wear, something you can move easily in and will stay put when you are dishing out combos. Remember, once you have gloves on you’ll be unable to adjust your clothes. Included in that should be well fitting shoes, and for that we recommend a good pair of cross-trainers. You’ll be throwing a lot of punches so of course you will want to protect your wrists and hands. That is where a good pair of wraps and snug fitting 12oz – 16oz gloves come into play. Don’t worry if you don’t have these, J-Rocks Boxing will provide these for you for your first class

2. Do not eat a big meal before going to class:

A lot of people miss this one and, unfortunately, what goes down can sometimes come back up! Boxing is both fun and intense, with each punch using you’re entire body from your toes all the way up to your head. We have seen this sneak up on students in the past so we like to give a friendly warning. If you are coming after work and famished, you can eat something small like a protein shake, banana, or a granola bar, but save dinner for after class. Contact our Nutritionist Natalie Cortono for more information on nutrition.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate:

Staying hydrated is probably the easiest thing you can do for your health that gets neglected. This becomes even more critical during physical activity, especially Boxing. You’ll want to make sure you hydrate before, during, and after class. Take a hint from the last tip and don’t overdo it though because a belly full of water can lead to same result!

4. Have a good understanding of what the basic moves are:

It always help to have a fundamental understanding of the basics and some of the terminology. You don’t need to know how to perform the moves, but it’s good to know what the instructor is telling you to do. Know the difference between a jab and a cross, or a hook and an uppercut. It’s also important to have a general idea of where your feet should be and what your stance should look like. This isn’t required, but will help alleviate any nervousness you may experience before your first go. J-Rocks Boxing will provide you with proper instructions for each move before you go into class so you can avoid injury and know what you’re doing.

We hope these simple guidelines help you on your journey with Boxing, and above all else we want you to make sure you are safe and have fun! Boxing is an incredible way to get in shape, so what are you waiting for? Get to it!

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