After a seriously intense workout session, its time to recover and start the healing process. Our recovery services are great for clients.

Massage Wellness

Matsuno Wellness is Dallas and Plano’s Elite advanced therapeutic massage and the Rolf Method of Structural integration center. Bruce Matsuno, certified Rolf Method Practitioner and License Massage therapist, combines 20 years of experience and an arsenal of many advanced bodywork modalities. Bruce’s past experience has been the founder of a wellness center for a physical therapy clinic in the San Francisco Bay area. As the Lead Therapist/Wellness Coordinator, Bruce assisted with physical rehabilitation under the supervision of many licensed physical therapists. He had also officed and worked with a chiropractor for 11 years and worked with a prestigious Health and Fitness center for 10 1/2 years. People who come to see Bruce are people that have been to their medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturist, personal trainers, massage therapist….etc, and needed to seek further help for their solution for their complaints. Sometimes, it takes a knowledgeable bodywork expert to help get you to your optimal level. This is what sets Bruce apart and makes the Matsuno Wellness center your place for massage Plano, the last solution to your bodywork needs. We specialize in helping to Correct Posture and Scoliosis. Your body is an advanced pulley and leverage system, that is surrounded and connected with fascia (connective tissue). It is constantly changing to adapt to the demands that we place on our bodies. Over time our body adaptation becomes our form, and now our form becomes our movement patterns. Those patterns of strain and loads create stresses on our joints, disk, vertebral spine and create wear and tear and structural changes.

Structural Integration

Structural Integration is a manual & systematic way to make you better balanced, improve your flexibility & enhance your quality of movement by decompressing your spine & joints throughout the body.

Structural Integration is a process of 10 manual therapy sessions, each with individual goals. Every goal is designed to improve a particular part of your body, freeing restrictions & integrating a more efficient form of movement. Each structural integration session prepares you for your next visit until your body is able to expand from the core to the extremities.

After each session, you will be given integrated awareness exercises which enhance the gains from each session & allow you to experience your body’s newfound functionality. This process creates a deep level of awareness which is necessary to facilitate & maintain your body’s improvement.

Massage Therapy Services

We specialize in analyzing your body, your posture, and relate them to how we can put together a full body approach treatment plan that is specific to your needs. The Rolf method of structural integration is a full body manual soft tissue and movement approach that works specifically with your fascial tissue, by performing manual soft tissue manipulation, with an active participation of the client. In this work, your connective tissue is being freed from restriction, so it can allow restricted muscles to slide over one another. Length is brought back where the body was locked short. Your shoulders are a prime example. You work on a computer all day long. You may have an ergonomic chair, but over time as your head neck and shoulder move forward causing strains in your head, neck, shoulder, and upper back. Your connective tissue over time forms to hold the demands that you put on it. Now there is a saying “if you have cracks in the walls of your house, does it makes sense to feel the cracks? or does it make better sense to fix the foundation” Back to your upper back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, we help by organizing your bodies structure to helps to eliminate the strains and loads on your body that is causing you chronic pain. Unlike, some of the massage and bodywork chains that offer massage and bodywork, they usually are trained to do a complete massage therapy routine that they perform person after person. Most of them are fairly new to the field and most clients don’t get the results they are looking for. Bruce is a graduate of 4 separate massage and bodywork schools and many continual education classes over the last 17 years.

Cryotherapy Services

Bruce specializes in Orthopedic and Medical body work. Orthopedic/medical massage is outcome based. The
treatment is performed after you been evaluated licensed medical practitioner and prescribed a diagnosis. From here, orthopedic/medical deep tissue treatments are administered with Myofascial release, specific manual soft tissue manipulation, cross friction fiber, deep tissue/trigger point therapy for an outcome based treatments. Here at the Matsuno Wellness Center, we work with auto accident Personal Injury Protection (PIP) cases. With PIP auto accident cases we will refer you to our team of medical doctors that we trust for evaluation/diagnosis and a prescription for your massage and bodywork therapy for your rehabilitation treatment or you may get a referral from your own medical practitioner that your trust as well. This is also considered orthopedic/medical and outcome based massage. We have helped hundreds of people with their rehabilitation process and return back to their normal everyday life. This is the reason we are rated as not only the top Plano massage practitioner but one of leading massage therapist nationwide.

We bring relief to Hip pain and low back pain. We work with your balance with your pelvis. chronic hip pain can come from degeneration of the hip, but we have found success in helping hip pain sufferers by working with your soft tissue imbalances that may be more aligned with root causes. Again, fascial imbalances create stresses on your joints. Aligning, lengthening, and organizing your fascia can bring balance and take those stresses that maybe the cause or part of the cause of your pain. We also will look at your movement impairment. Your central nervous system controls how your muscles are activated.

Active Therapeutic
Movement Therapy

The CNS role is to properly hold your multifidus muscle around your spinal column and your global muscles for good posture and through proper movement. When there is instability or weakness, your CNS the tells your muscles to alter the way it would normally activate and alter its movement pattern. We work with your CNS in your hips by creating stability in your hips/pelvis in a weight bearing position. From here we have you produce the movement that causes your pain, till we can fine tune the stability, where you can perform the movement without pain. From here we introduce a corrective isometric exercise and retrain the CNS to memorize the proper muscle activations during that movement. Results??? Better flexibility, 50 to 80 percent less pain, with an 80% success rate after the first treatment.

Are you a professional athlete or a weekend warrior athlete that wants to enhance their game, by playing pain-free. We like to call it prehab therapy. Why wait to just fix an injury? A good analogy would be if you had a finely tuned race car and take it out of the garage to race. After the race, would it make sense to park it back in the garage for the next race? Or, would it make more sense to make sure the alignment was good to prevent wear and tear on the tires and engine, oil change, engine tune up etc……??? Which scenario would you be able to perform at your most optimal level? Which would have less risk of breaking down? If you agree too that taking time and effort for maintenance, then you’re going to be able to race longer and win the race. Your body is no difference, except, we really can’t change our parts, or really want to get to the level that you have too.

We service the DFW metroplex, including the surrounding suburbs of Allen, Frisco, Mckinney, Castle Hills, Carrollton, Prosper, and North Dallas.